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Usage and Maintenance of Colloid Mill

These are tips needing attention for usage and maintenance of colloid mill:
Colloid Mill
1) Check whether there is any loose phenomenon on colloid mill line and junction. Turn the colloid mill by hand, and proved colloid mill is flexible.
2) Add  lubrication oil to the bearings, should observe the oil level in oil mark centerline, lubricating oil should be timely replacement or supplement.
3) Unscrewing water diversion plug of colloid mill pump, water perfusion (or plasma).
4) Close brake valve of water outlet pipeline and outlet pressure gauge and inlet vacuum gauge.
5) Motor running, and prove the motor steering is correct.
6) Start the motor, after the colloid mill normal operation, open the outlet pressure gauge and inlet vacuum pump, check if it shows proper pressure, gradually open the gate valve, check the motor load condition at the same time.
7) As far as possible control flow within signs indicating on the colloid mill, to ensure that the colloid mill running at peak efficiency, to achieve maximum energy saving effect.
8) Colloid mill in the process of operation, the bearing temperature cannot exceed environment temperature 35 degree centigrade, the highest temperature should not exceed 80 degree centigrade.
9) In case of abnormal sound of a colloid mill should immediately stop and check.
10) If want to stop colloid mill, first close the gate valve, pressure gauge, then stop the motor.
11) Colloid mill in the first month of work, change oil every 100 hours, after that every 500 hours change the oil.
12) Often adjust the feeding gland, ensure materials indoor drip is normal (in a drip out as appropriate).
13) Regularly check the wear condition of shaft sleeve, wear out parts should be replaced in a timely manner.
14) Colloid mill during the winter season, when stopping running, the lower part of pump body must be drain off water, unscrew the screw, clean the medium to prevent the frost crack.
15) If colloid mill stopd for a long time, the pump must be opened entirely, dry moisture, rotating parts and junction are coated with grease, properly kept.



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